Have internet, learn free

Microsoft Word - Practical Online Learning and Laboratories Redu

The future of education for the world is online. With my home town of Philadelphia which had 30 state-tax funded school closings in the last 2 years and general public interest in liberty on the rise, Mark Twain’s words, resonate more then ever before. He once said, “Never let your schooling get in the way of your education.” and he was right. Today’s internet offers many “go at one’s own pace” options, to counter the authority driven pressures put on our modern students.

From options like http://www.k12.com/ offering individual programs to give your child with traditional academic issues, a way to focus at home, to https://www.khanacademy.org/ offering up fun little badges for educational accomplishments; your child, & everyone else, will have the freedom to educate themselves. Salman Khan quit his job as a financial analyst in 2009, about 3 years after he began his YouTube channel, which now has over a Billion hits. The mission; “…providing a free world-class education for anyone anywhere.” which has created a 10 million student, virtual classroom.  While his mathematics videos engendered enough trust on their own, through getting my son over some stumbling blocks a few years ago, hearing him state how market forces should be left untouched by government, during his Paulson Bailout explanation videos, spoke volumes to his general understanding of Libertarian Philosophies, however, his actions, are more on par with those of a Natural Law Resource Based Economy, considering he’s not charging any fees for learning though Khan Academy.

Massive Open Online Courses(or MOOCs) have also become a new staple for the “Life Long Learner”. Such as https://www.coursera.org/ which has become a new favorite hang out for housewives & stay-at-home dads looking to pick up a few college level statements of accomplishment to round out & modernize ones resume. However, keep your eyes pealed for pitfalls such as, universities pushing Globalist agendas like in week 5 of The Changing Global Order. Where Professor Dr. Rob de Wijk spends 2 videos on the UN, using coercion for “good”. But there are also many possibilities growing from these classes. In Analyzing Global Trends for Business and Society, Professor Mauro Guillén gives a great business tip through addressing how obesity is now as great a problem as extreme poverty through the world. The expanding waistlines of the India middle-class, has opened up a niche market due to the distinct lack of plus-sized clothing manufactures. Even the popular professional social networking site https://www.linkedin.com/ has gotten on-board with a nifty little button that links your Coursera certificates right to your profile. I even failed a class, not that I’m proud of it, & not that I didn’t know while taking 10 of them this year, but this proved to me, that these classes were no joke.

Millennials of all persuasions have been the 1st generation to grow up with the internet at their fingertips. Where once, people needed to go to a library & checkout a book on a subject, today, people can just reach into their pocket to watch an instructional video. Even if you are poor & can’t afford a computer or smartphone, many places from libraries to coffee houses, continue to offer internet access. People, all around the world, really have no more excuses, for ignorance.

We here at Zeitgeist Philadelphia are even getting in on the action with our New Coordinators MOOC. Join the class for free, & learn how to become a confident speaker & advocate on the topic of Sustainability & Natural Law, with people from all over the world in a Virtual Class Room.


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