The success story of the largest virtual school in the world, run by a single Individual – Khan Academy

Entrepreneurship at IIT Delhi

Education has gone “hi-tech” in the recent past. We have all heard of Coursera, eDX, MIT OCW and Udacity; probably used them too on numerous occasions.

 For Salman Khan – a visionary and pioneer in the field of e-education and the founder of the very famous Khan Academy, it all began as a hobby. In 2004, “Sal”, as he fondly called, helped his 12-year cousin Nadia pass a Math Test. In the process he used Yahoo’s Doodle Notepad. In 2006, this MIT and Harvard Business School graduate started uploading his math tutorials on Youtube.


For the uninformed, Khan Academy is a non profit educational website created by Salman Khan in 2006. The stated mission is to provide ‘a free world class education for anyone anywhere’.

By 2009, his You Tube Videos were widely followed; he had a lucrative job as a hedge fund analyst. Discovering his true calling as…

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