Project X and the Short Green Line to Abaline

In the Social Psychology MOOC i’m taking, we’re taught about how on a hot

summer day, after playing dominoes, Dad strikes up a conversation

about the family getting in the car for a drive to the locally famous

diner 50 miles away in Abaline. The daughter, not really wanting to go, but being kind

to her father, passes the buck to her husband & he in turn throws the

responsibility of choice at his mother in law. Who then defers to her

husbands original idea. Even though Dad was just trying to have a

chat, while not really wanting to go anywhere. But because each of

them THINKS the others all want to go, even though they don’t, they

ALL still pile up into the car, with no air conditioning, & drive 50 miles

to the diner in Abaline!

The question is, why are we on the road to Abaline if no one actually

wants to go?

Later the son get’s a job reviewing losses at a company. He sits with

the president, & hears about how Project X is a failure, but because

the VP & the R&D Manager say it should continue, & he as president

wants to support his team; the Money Pit of Project X, continues. So

the guy goes to the VP & hears “…between you & me, Project X is a

failure, but the president is in my office being supportive & we don’t

want to let him down…..” so Project X continues. Going to the R&D

Manager, the guy hears “Project X is not going to happen, but the

President & the VP want what they want & I don’t want to get fired…..”

…so Project X continues.

Is the issue of Climate Change & Business-As-Usual, not unlike the

Trip to Abaline? Is delaying the change to a sustainable world for more

Business-As-Usual profits, the Project X of our species?  Why can’t we

end it?  i’ve been feeling the struggle for the last few days. However,

feeling messed up, in a messed up place during a messed up time,

doesn’t mean that one is, messed up. Our societies are at war, we’re

slaves to money & we’re smart enough to see through the bull$#!t!  “It is

no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

If your “pain inside” is anything like “the splinter in your mind”

mentioned in the Matrix, then we share that pain. We see how the

world can be so much better, yet we(humanity) waste our potential as

a species on death & trinkets. Don’t we want better for our children?

Our pain is caused by this injustice, poverty, & strife over scarcity, in a

world we know should be able to create abundance. Tesla drove

himself mad over this & he died alone, because it’s not enough to just

know better & do better for ourselves. We want to share that with the

world. Help them see what we see.

Sometimes it helps to know that you’re not alone in the experience you

are having. Bill Hicks once said that all the mass medias are telling us

to believe these lies. It makes us feel crazy inside when our voice of

reason is quelled. That’s why he likes alternative media, it shows honest

emotion. You’ll never get honest emotion form the the MainStream

News  So when others echo the MSN, it’s the Solomon Asch Paradigm

at work, line A is clearly the right answer, even if the rest of the room

says it’s C. When there is even just 1 other person, in the room,

agreeing with the truth, normative conformity drops, significantly. This

is also the Moscovici study in action, how the minority, when

consistent, can effect the majority. Looks Blue to me? Wait…. i

thought y’all said it was Green?

“Holy Cognitive Dissonance Batman, what are we goona do?”

Don’t worry Robin, we’ll get through to them, eventually!”

Well, Serge Moscovici was a psychologist that showed how a consistent

minority influences the response of a majority, breaking the Asch

Conformity paradigm. Learning this in my Social Psych MOOC, came

at an important time for me. i was feeling not like myself, wondering if i

was going the right direction. Is what i’m doing worth all this effort?

i know what it’s like to doubt, in the face of such resistance too.

But this Moscovici study showed me that this quote, is true: ” Never

doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change

the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. “

spreading the word is the revolution


One thought on “Project X and the Short Green Line to Abaline

  1. Hollowdoll

    I weep for humanity that forces people to feel so crappy because society is a fucked up mess. We are surrounded by an ever shifting optical illusion that each person interprets in their own way. I see people going through painful, emotional growth spurts sometimes equivalent to growing two feet in a year. It takes a lot out of them physically and mentally and they punish themselves for not keeping all the balls in the air. As we are programmed to celebrate differences we are also taught not to be “too different”. Some day I am going to have to have a real talk with this world and clarify a few things. It’s tough being in love with a world that will never love you back. Not the way you want it to anyways. 😉



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