TZM MEME Professor Mauro Guillén

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This episode we will be enjoying a quick Q&A with author, Zandman Professor of International Management, Wharton School. Director, Lauder Institute & Vicechair, of the World Economic Forum’s Emerging Multinationals Council; Mauro F. Guillén.

After completing his Massive Open Online Course (MOOC); Analyzing Global Trends for Business and Society , I reached out to Professor Guillén & he was kind enough to take a moment out of his busy schedule for me, not just as one of his students, but as someone else who appreciated learning about what our world is actually moving forward towards.

Professor Mauro Guillén has been kind enough to give us one more hour of his time, for the last days of class, this Sunday, June 22, 2014 at 11am EST.  on Zeitgeist Philadelphia Radio. If you have any specific questions, please write them in this thread. Time permitting, we’ll fit them all in, & maybe take a few calls at the end of the show.

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