WOEIH Rewind - Mark Passio and Kevin Tilsner - What on Earth Is Happening #98

WOEIH Rewind – Mark Passio and Kevin Tilsner – What on Earth Is Happening #98  or

Topics: Money As Illusion, the Propaganda Supporting Monetarisms, Solutions to the Illusion of Money, Detachment From The Monetary System,  Sustainability, Scarcity vs. Abundance, Money As Main Motivation To Commit Violence, Issues of Capitalism, Nikola Tesla, http://earthship.com/, http://thezeitgeistmovement.com/, http://thevenusproject.com/, & my favorite part; where Mark Passio stops me & tells the audience how much exception he takes to people, calling other people “communist” for speaking against monetarisms, in all their many forms.

Calling The Zeitgeist Movement or the Natural Law Resource Based economy we advocate, either; Socialist, Communist, “Marxism with Robots”, or a Technocracy is at best a Hasty Generalization fallacy do to nescience of the technology available today, or in it’s worst, a Straw Man fallacy meant to create an argument of their choosing, not really having anything to do with the actual ideas, TZM advocates for: which can be found in detail, Download Here The Zeitgeist Movement Defined (Full PDF Book)

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bee houses something wrong
economic calculation

children will look back



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