Buckey & Larken

Buckminster Fuller San Quentin Prison Jan. 31 1959 PART 1

Buckminster Fuller San Quentin Prison Jan. 31 1959 PART 2

Buckminster Fuller San Quentin Prison PART 3 &
Larkin Rose from Free Your Mind Conference 2011
(starts @ 44 min.)

These three free .mp3’s contain two very different talks. After listening to them, we think you’ll hear many distinct aspects of the general Zeitgeist “train of thought” being presented, in these speeches.

Admittedly, both men come from very different times & perspectives.

Yes, Mr. Rose seems to be an advocate of the free market, but let us not hold that against him, because what he says in this speech, about the “myth of government” & “authority” being the “greatest superstition”, specifically, is not only on point & funny, but in line with the Zeitgeist “train of thought”.

Richard Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller (3 parts)
This was a talk given to inmates on general semantics. San Quentin Prison; San Quentin, California: 31 January 1959 Original Format: 1 sound tape reel : analog ; 7 in., 1/4 in. tape. Irish double-play, Ferro-sheen process recording tape, mylar base.

The Venus Project & Natural Law Resource Based Economy are evolutions of Fuller’s ideas which, Jacque Fresco, was inspired by, at an early age. Fresco mentions him fondly in Future By Design.

For more information; http://bfi.org/ & pictures below.

do away with work

scarcity because of greed

The other talk, at the end of PART 3 is Larken Rose’s presentation from the Philadelphia http://www.FreeYourMindConference.com on April 10, 2011. Larken clearly explains the illusion of human “authority” in a unique and dramatic way.

For more information; http://www.LarkenRose.com & pictures below.



Further, if you liked Larken Rose’s speech, & you also liked Mark Passio (from a few weeks back) speaking on Natural Law; then you’ll love this: i even call in & ask Mr. Rose what he thinks about the Venus Project.


Finally; we’re still in contact with a few people for live guest call-in episodes, but scheduling is currently getting in the way, thank you for your patience. We hope you’ve enjoyed learning with us so far?

Please, share this on the social media pages you frequent & feel free to join the conversation by leaving comments below?

Thank you,

Zeitgeist Philadelphia


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