A conversation with Daniel Kluko on Vertical Farming

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Z-Philly Philly Radio RETURNED on March 1st 2014, with Daniel Kluko. Dan is Michigan’s Green Spirit Farms(GSF) Research & Development Manager, of the Scraton/Lackawanna County Vertical Farm.

This conversation was inspired by the ZeitNews article:
The world’s biggest vertical farm is set to soon open in Scranton, Pennsylvania

Please also visit Green Spirit Farms at: http://www.greenspiritfarms.com/ &


4 thoughts on “A conversation with Daniel Kluko on Vertical Farming

      1. mrjonmoore

        I don’t see the need for a government to decide if food is real or not. The person growing and the people eating are what matters. The certification process is a consequence of the industrial food system. Shorten the distance between producer and eater and certification becomes redundant.


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